[Until June 28th] We are recruiting factories to participate in "Ota Open Factory 2024"!

Ota Ward's technology is what you're looking for.


Over the past 10 years, the Ota Open Factory Executive Committee has"One day a year, the factory is open to the public"and allow the general public to experience the factory's technology and products."Ota Open Factory"Is held.

In 2024, we will continue to work together with the manufacturing industry that Ota City is proud of to deliver Ota's manufacturing brand to even more people.11/30 (Sat)To“Ota Open Factory 2024”Will be held.

We would like to ask everyone in the manufacturing industry in Ota City to participate and cooperate with this event and information session.


☆Recruitment information please use this form.

☆Factory open participation company recruitment flyer please use this form.


What is open factory?

This is an event where general visitors can tour the inside of the factory."Product exhibition" "Processing explanation" "Manufacturing workshop"Through mechanisms such as these, you can communicate your company's characteristics and achievements as a one-of-a-kind moving experience.


★Benefits of participation★

Let your neighbors know about your factory / Become an opportunity for product development / Lead to new jobs (orders)
Become a place for employee education / Become a place for corporate PR through the media / See the smiling faces of visitors

*We also have plans for factories that are difficult to open to the public due to confidentiality agreements, etc., so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



Open factory entry now open!


Every year, around 20 to 40 manufacturing companies, mainly in the Musashi-Shinden and Shimomaruko areas, open their factories to the public at the same time.

For those who wish to open a factory

Friday, June 2024, 28

Please pre-register by.


〇Factory open entry method

・Google Form please use this form.から

*This form is to be filled out by the person in charge of the factory that is planning to enter the factory open.

If you are planning a general tour, there is no need to enter information.


・Application by fax

factory open please use this form.から


If you are in charge of a factory and are unsure about applying for the factory opening, please contact our office!


“Factory Open Polishing Project”



Targeting factories participating in Ota Open Factory, we will utilize the skills of students and external human resources to demonstrate the charm of Ota's manufacturing that cannot be explained with words and photos alone."discover"Then,"Polish"By doing so, we support appealing communications at factory openings.





This year's official website isReleased on November 11st... is my plans.

As a general rule, advance reservations are not required for tours by the general public. (Advance reservations may be required for some factories/programs)

For the latest information, please see this pageX (old Twitter)-Facebook-InstagramWe will send the message at

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Inquiries regarding Ota Open Factory
Ota Open Factory Executive Committee Secretariat(Within Ota Tourism Association)
TEL: 03-3734-0202 / FAX: 03-3734-0203