Too unique! I went to "Tire Park" and "Junk Park" with my kids! !

  • 2024.3.31
The season for playing outside has arrived. I had heard that there was a unique park in Ota Ward that was fun to visit with children, so I decided to take this opportunity to visit it. Tire Park, full of tires, is located in Ota Ward, with lots of play equipment that is unique even from an adult's point of view...

Enjoy a full Haneda DAY with ANA's aircraft factory tour "ANA Blue Hangar Tour", footbath and beer!

  • 2024.3.30
  • SPOT Course
This may be out of the blue, but who do you think is the largest of the 23 wards in Tokyo? ...We are "Ota Ward"! This is because Haneda Airport occupies a vast area. The area of ​​Haneda Airport in Ota Ward is one-fourth of the total area.Reclamation began in 4...

My first black hot water experience! A tour of public baths with black baths in Ota Ward that soothe your tired soul

  • 2024.3.29
  • SPOT Public bath & spa
It's been 4 years since I started working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's nice not having to commute to work, but when I work from home, I find it difficult to switch my mood on and off, and I find that I have less time to relax. "Please heal me like this...