Event list

Ota's recommended marche

  • Saturday, June 2024, 6 and Sunday, June 15, 16
  • foodShop & Souvenir
Enjoy encounters and discoveries at Marche, a store full of charm where you can find something different than usual in the usual places. You're sure to find your "best recommended" store! Please see here for store openings. Open...

4th Ikegami weather

  • Sunday, June 2024, 16
  • foodShop & Souvenir
  Let's spend "the best day" at Ikegami Honmonji on Sunday, June 16th! The 16th edition of the new marche "Ikegami Biyori" started by a young group from the shopping district in the Ikegami area will be held on Sunday, June 27th! This time as well, XNUMX unique stores will be exhibiting. Event date and time...

Printing Iroha Festa 2024

  • [Event ends] Saturday, June 2024, XNUMX
  • Others
Annual printing festival! See, touch and experience! This time, which will be held for the first time in four years, we are preparing various experience corners in all genres. ・Quiz-style stamp rally to learn printing knowledge ・Robot operation experience to challenge the world...

[Held from April to September also scheduled! ] Terminal 3 x Haneda Airport Garden “Haneda Airport Tour”

  Terminal 3 x Haneda Airport Garden "Haneda Airport Tour" with local tourism volunteers A guided tour of the airport led by volunteer guides from the Ota/Shinagawa Town Tour Guide Association. &nb...

Commemorative project for the 120th anniversary of the opening of Kamata Station

  • [Event ends] Saturday, May 2024, 18
Kamata Station celebrated its 120th anniversary on Thursday, April 11, 2024. To commemorate our 120th anniversary, we will be holding various commemorative events to express our gratitude to our customers and the local community, and to help you enjoy Kamata Station. &n...

3rd “Shimomaruko Street Camping”

  • [Event ends] Saturday, May 2024, 18
  • foodShop & Souvenir
The third "Shimomaruko Street Camping" will be held! This time's theme is "Blue Sky Food Court" The street leading to the station has been transformed into a food court! Let's eat all the Marco gourmet food in an open and extraordinary space! In addition, at the second venue Shimomaruko Children's Park, "Pal...

9th Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Festival

  • [Event ends] May 2024, 19 (Sunday)
  The 2024th Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Festival will be held on May 5, 19 (Sunday) at the Metropolitan Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park. There are plenty of events including workshops where you can interact with nature! For details, see the 9th Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Festival...

Senzokuike Spring Echo Sound

  • [Event ends] Thursday, May 2024, 16
    Beautiful sounds will be heard from Ikegetsu Bridge at Senzoku Pond again this year! ``Senzoku Pond Haruyo no Hibiki'' was started in 7 to commemorate the completion of Ikegetsu Bridge on the west bank of Senzoku Pond, and we welcomed the flute master and Living National Treasure Takarazanzaemon. ...

Reading session with the alter ego robot OriHime Kamata Library

  • [Event ends] May 2024, 19 (Sunday)
  • Others
    Let's listen to the alter ego robot "OriHime" read aloud! ``OriHime'' is a robot that acts as an ``alter ego'' for people who are unable to go where they want to go due to distance or physical problems. This is a reading session held remotely using this robot. This time...

Ikegami Honmonji Shotoen Garden open to the public

  • [Event ends] May 2024, XNUMX (Sat) - May XNUMX, XNUMX (Tuesday)
  • Others
  Once a year! 1 days only Ikegami Honmonji Back Garden/Shotoen Open to the public Shotoen is the back garden of Ikegami Honmonji Temple, which is said to have been landscaped by Enshu Kobori, who is famous for the architecture and landscaping of the Katsura Imperial Villa. The garden is usually closed to the public, but it is open to the public for XNUMX days from May XNUMXth to May XNUMXth...