Anamori Inari Shrine

As the Inari shrine that protects Haneda, it not only brings blessings such as family safety, business success, and the fulfillment of wishes, but it was also founded as the deity of the landowners in the current airport area, and since the Taisho era at the dawn of aviation, it has been worshiped as a place of worship for the safety of the skies. It is also popular as a shrine of safety and aviation safety.

Hatsuuma Festival (first day of February), Lantern Festival (last Friday and Saturday in August), Aviation Safety Prayer Festival (September 2th), Regular Festival (November 8rd)

[Registered as Ota Ward Machikado Tourist Information Center]

Haneda area SPOT
Nearest station/area details Keikyu Line "Anamori Inari" Station
Name Anamori Inari Shrine
Wonder Anamoriinarijinja
English name Anamoriinari Shrine
Commonly known Anamori from Tokyo Haneda
Location 144-0043-5 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo 2-7
Phone 03-3741-0809
FAX 03-3741-0713
Opening hours 8:30-17:00/Open all year round
Access 3 minutes walk from Anamori Inari Station on the Keikyu Line, 5 minutes walk from Tenkubashi Station on the Tokyo Monorail Line, Keikyu Line
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