About Ota Tourism Association

the purpose Promoting tourism town development that takes advantage of Ota City's regional strengths.
  • Businesses that enhance the charm of the town
  • Businesses related to research, collection and provision of information, and promotion of tourism resources
  • Business related to industrial promotion
  • Promoting international cultural exchange
  • Development and creation of new tourism resources that take advantage of the characteristics of the town
  • Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of our corporation
Establishment November 15, 11 (Acquired as a general incorporated association on April 3, 22)

Member benefits

Posting information on our association website, using priority slots when participating in events sponsored by our association, providing information on tourism town development and advice on activities.
Information dissemination and activity cooperation of member companies and organizations, etc.


108 sustaining members and 17 friend members (as of April 4)

For those who wish to become a member

If you would like to become a member, please contact us below.

Sustaining member Individuals, corporations, and organizations that support our activities
*Annual membership fee: 1 yen or more per unit
friend member Individuals who support our organization's activities
*1 unit 1 yen or more


Ota Tourism Association
144nd floor, Ota-ku Industrial Plaza, 0035-1-20 Minami Kamata, Ota-ku, 20-2
TEL 03-3734-0202 FAX 03-3734-0203