The Appeal of Ota City

Ota City, which is host to Haneda Airport, is an area that is close to the airport and offers convenient access to central Tokyo. The Kamata area, which is nearest to Haneda Airport, has a variety of hotels and such and is convenient for lodging on the day of your arrival or the night before your departure.
In addition, there are plenty of spots to relax at that can only be found in Japan such as sento (public baths) and izakaya (Japanese style pubs). Come check out Ota City.

Haneda Airport
International Terminal
Japanese style pub Senzokuike


Information on Ota City and the Kamata area, which have many sento and izakaya

KAMATA GUIDE Detailed introductions on how to use sento and izakaya


Introduction to the appeal of all areas of Ota City

OTA GUIDE Introduction to the general appeal of Ota City
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Introduction to the Welcome Shop

Shops with this mark are Ota City Welcome Shops registered with Ota City which warmly welcome foreign customers to enjoy shopping, lodging, etc. in Kamata.

List of Registered Shops


Information provided by Ota City Tourism Ambassador offering detailed information on Ota City


Video introduction on how to enjoy sento

Sento - Japan’s unique public bathing culture in which you can relax in a large bathtub and sometimes converse with others. How would you like to enjoy the sento experience and rest your body and spirit in a public bath offering an experience different from the standard hotel bath? There are Kuroyu Onsen (black water hot springs) public baths as well.

Ota City, Kamata 5-chome number 13, number 14
Telephone: 03-5744-1322
Fax: 03-5744-1323