Ota Craftsmen

Craftsmen from all walks of life ply their trade in Ota City. Enjoy a glimpse into their world—the techniques these local craftsmen employ and the unique products they create.

Ota Craftsman #1: The Amanatto Craftsman

Tadashi Taniguchi,
Kimuraya Taniguchi-shoten (Kamata)

Tadashi Taniguchi, Kimuraya Taniguchi-shoten (Kamata)
The Secret behind the Sparkle of Amanatto

To gauge the precise moment when a lid must be removed from a simmering pot of beans requires the seasoned intuition of a master craftsman.
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Ota Craftsman #2: The Wagashi Craftsman

Kazuhiko Watanabe,
Okashitsukasa Watanabe (Magome)

Ota Craftsman #2: The Wagashi Craftsman
The Art of Wrapping Sweetness

With untiring devotion to the mantra “our job is to provide satisfaction to our customers,” we strive to wrap true sweetness into our sweets.
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Ota Craftsman #3: The Embroidery Craftsman

Yoko Minami,
Minami-shishu (Kamata)

Yoko Minami, Minami-shishu (Kamata)
The Warmth Felt from Embroidery

“Is it my calling in life? Perhaps. If nothing else, it’s fascinating work that I really enjoy.”

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Ota Craftsman #4: The Cut Glass Craftsman

Satoshi Nabetani,
Toa-garasu-kogei (Rokugo)

Satoshi Nabetani, Toa-garasu-kogei (Rokugo)
A Look at the Beauty of Glass, Concealed in Its Facets

From timeless classics to the height of innovation, explore the inexhaustible variety of faceted glass objects.
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Ota Craftsman #5: The Noodle Craftsman

Ryuji Suzuki,
Harris Foods (Kamata)

Ryuji Suzuki, Harris Foods (Kamata)
Noodles Crafted with Care: a Labor of Love

“Noodles taste better if you take a more hands-on approach when making them,” insists Master Suzuki.
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Ota Craftsman #6: The Shamisen Craftsman

Takao Ito,
Ishimuraya (Magome)

Takao Ito, Ishimuraya (Magome)
Carrying the Profound Appeal of Tradition into the Future

“True craftsmanship can’t be taught, so it can’t be passed on. It’s more of a reflective sensitivity.”
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Ota Craftsman #7: Paper Lantern Craftsman

Kazushige Barata,
Miuraya Chochin-ten (Omori)

Kazushige Barata, Miuraya Chochin-ten (Omori)
Seeking Your Own Unique Calligraphic Style

These lanterns, once used in every Japanese household, are now almost nowhere to be found.
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